Your story in a bright new light

The birth of a star

Any journey starts with an idea. A vision. A single spark. By pursuing that spark and building upon it, it grows and expands.

Until finally, a new star brightens the sky: NOVA.

This 4 minute showmoment visualizes the familiar course of birth, rise and development of an organization. A single spark ignites others and fuels lightyears of conviction, courage and character. Eventually, a simple glimmer becomes a guiding light for future generations to come.

A live dance act including original light design, music and styling. Raw elegance brought to life.
Captivate, energize, entertain and move your audience.

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Your story told through light

A story about growth is never about success alone. It unfolds through ups and downs. Strength is cultivated through change, fueled by a passion within. This rings true for individuals and organisations alike. On your way to growth you’ve managed to overcome many adversities in pursuit of your vision. You faced challenges head-on and celebrated your wins together. All of these moments have been leading up to where you are now. Where the stars seem to be perfectly aligned and a bright future lies ahead.

NOVA showcases your journey in a powerful, yet elegant way. Looking back on this journey, you deserve to be proud. Proud of how far you’ve come, and eager for the possibilities of the future. Reaching for the stars takes courage. Especially when times seem dark. And yet, you have done that many times before. See the NOVA show as a way to celebrate this journey through time in an energizing and aesthetic way. 

NOVA: an innovative performance that combines light, movement and sound in a powerful show that captivates, energizes and moves your audience.

NOVA is an energizing and innovative show-moment that celebrates this wondrous moment and takes you back in time, in order to reflect on the amazing journey that got you here.

Feeling enlightened? Let’s get this show on the road!